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  1. Body Contouring and Cellulite Solutions
  2. Radio Frequency High Energy Face and Body Lift

Body Countouring and Cellulite Solutions with Lipo Cavitutation

Do you have stubborn fat, muffin top, lumpy cellulite….

The Skin Cell uses Lipo Ultrasound to painlessly liquefy the fat in fat cells (Triglycerides) giving immediate results as well as continued results with more treatments.

Your body naturally disposes of the unwanted fat slimming and contouring problem areas like the buttocks, love handles, saddle bags, inner thigh as well as droopy skin above the knees.

1-6 One Hour Sessions per area will get you the desired results. Maintain results with healthy diet and exercise. We all have an area that just will not budge until NOW… FDA approved Lipo Ultrasound can get you closer to your ultimate figure without pain or downtime.

1 Hour Sessions $250.00

At The Skin Cell we don’t say one small area:

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Radio Frequency High Energy Facelift

At The Skin Cell we know Radio Frequency is fast becoming a buzz word for contouring, firming and tightening the face, neck, and deck!

1 hour includes Deep Cleanse, Professional Exfoliation, and Radio Frequency Energy Face Lift, using peptides and Vitamins A, C, E, B5 and F. - $250.00

How does Radio Frequency work?

Generated heat causes contraction of the collagen fibers and immediately tightens the skin. Also fibroblasts, the principle active cells of connective tissue, are stimulated by heat in the Dermis which continues to show tightening over time as well as with additional treatments.

Radio Frequency also improves circulation and lymph drainage which adds oxygen to the skin and results in detoxification, all of which reduce and reverse signs of aging.

It is the goal at The Skin Cell to find and deliver effective non-invasive treatments’ to improve our appearance, confidence and life!!!!

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